Thursday, September 25, 2014


Dear readers,

     What causes an Earthquake? Earthquakes are very dangerous. They cause a lot of damage. A Earthquake is caused by when the Tectonic Plates push together. It makes pressure and the ground starts to shake,and the ground separates and when the ground separates, buildings and houses brake and it could cause a fire could die. That's how Earthquakes are caused. That's why Earthquakes are very dangerous.

     How do Earthquakes change the Earth's surface? Earthquakes change the Earth's surface when  the  Tectonic Plates pushes together and makes Earthquakes, and when they make Earthquakes the Earth's surface shakes and brakes houses and buildings. When magma moves Tectonic Plates move  they make mountains. That's another way that the earth's surface changes. There is another way again that changes the Earth's surface. When the rain and snow fall from the mountain they brake rocks and that makes the mountain get smaller and smaller until the mountain is gone.

Describe the damage caused by Earthquakes. Big Earthquakes cause a lot of damage to people, animals, buildings, houses, and streets and could cause a huge fire because, some houses are made out of wood. Wood is used for making a fire. So sens some houses are made out of wood, houses could be burned down and the fire could spread to other places and burn other buildings and other houses and could kill people and animals. Small Earthquakes don't cause a lot of damage. Small Earthquakes only scare people and could brake a few stuff because the ground trembles and stuff falls from the walls and could hit someone and they could have a injury. So that describes the damage of small Earthquakes and big Earthquakes.

Why is it important to learn about Earthquakes? It is important to learn more about Earthquakes because, you need to know why they happen because,the person asks you a question about Earthquakes and you don't know.You're in big trouble by your teacher. A scientist tells you your going to to be learning about Earthquakes why they occur and this and this about Earthquakes and you didn't know because you didn't pay attention when they thought you about Earthquakes you would be in big trouble.

Were are Earthquakes most likely to occur? I think that Earthquakes occur mostly in California because when my family and me were there my mom felt a Earthquake and a lot of people say that in California Earthquakes occur a lot there. In Mexico there is a lot of  Earthquakes because one day I was sleeping and when I woke up and my cousin told me that there was a Earthquake. I know that there are Earthquakes there because I read them in books.

How are Tsunamis related to Earthquakes? Tsunamis are super dangerous. Tsunamis are big mega waves and Tsunamis could travel 1,000 miles.  Tunisians are related to Earthquakes because when you  through something in the water it makes a circle, and it gets bigger and bigger and bigger until, that little circle turns into a big wave, that is called a Tsunami. A Earthquake is related to that because a Earthquakes can cause a lot of damage as well. When the Tsunami keeps on going and there's a  boat on the ocean and they don't fell the tsunami coming. It's just like a Earthquake because, you never now when the Earthquake is coming and only animals now when they are coming. In some places there are signals that tell you to move to higher ground because a Tsunami is coming. Another way that you notice that a Tsunami is coming is when the Earth is shaking and then you see the big wave coming.A Tsunami could be caused by a asteroid and if it was hit by a asteroid the Tsunami could go super super super far.

What is a Volcano? Volcanoes are super dangerous. A Volcano is a big mountain that erupts, shouts out lava and lave could kill you. Like if you put your finger inside the lava, and then you take it out your finger will not come back.            


When the ground is shaking

Something that is very bad 

Something that broke

Tectonic Plates
One of several pieces of Earth's crust

The force per unit area exerted on an object

The top of something

Melted rock (lava)

A big wave

Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Brain Cells and My Brain

Dear Friends,

 How the brain receives information form the outside body. When you look at something your eyes have wires that connect to your brain, and what your eyes see is what goes through the wires, and into  your brain, and that helps your brain understand what you see in the outside of the body. How do the   nervous system of our muscles work? You have wires that connect to your brain. When you touch something it goes to your brain, and your brain then knows what you are touching and doing. It cares electrical signals from the brain and out the brain. How dose our brain work with our involuntary muscles? Our brain nerves send electronic signals to keep our heart and our lungs working in the night and in the day so we could breath and live.                          

Thursday, September 4, 2014

All About Dirt

I see that there is more good dirt than the bad dirt. It is a mixture because there are different stuff inside the dirt. They are all solids. The dirt can be turned into liquid and back into a solid. The dirt weights only a little bit.