Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My goals for the New Year

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My goals for this year is...

Read more books because they are good for you and because it could help on your reading level 
To be better at Math because I love math so much 
My cousin to be nicer to people
To be responsible of things and other people things
To be mostly better at writing
To be less on the computer


Monday, December 15, 2014


August 29, 1495 12:12 pm

Dear friends,

At Night

 Hello I'am Aleysha the helmsman on the ship. I was at sea on the lovely ship that was called the Titanic. It has been 4 weeks scene we have been at sea. It was night time and I was sailing the boat and Adisa the navigator was navigating me to the new world where everybody wanted to go. There are riches there like gold silver and all that. Everybody was sleeping and me and Adisa were up.

We woke Jenny the ships surgeon to go look at the food supplies and when she came back she said that the food was okay but, one thing she told us was that the biscuits were still full of weevils an that they were hard like a rock. So Jenny went back to sleep and I kept sailing the ship. After some hours I heard something and Adisa herd it and the hole crew heard it we looked and looked until we so lightning.

The Storm

I said. "Everyone get ready for action!" There was a storm and we were ready for it. We stayed close to each other so we could save each other if we fall over board. The clouds started to form into a big cloud and, it started to rain and it started to rain even harder.The waves started to go up and down up and down and the waves were even stronger that they could tilt the ship and we could have died. I was steering the ship to try to get away from the storm. 

While everybody was running all over the place to try to not fall over board. I steered and steered the wheel but I could not get out of the storm. Until I saw a big rock and I thought that it was land and it wasn't land it was a big rock I was scared I did not want to move the ship anywhere. I turned the ship carefully and we got closer but I turned is with all my might and we were saved. In a few minutes the storm was over.Until. Ali the interpreter said that our mass broke. So Ali started to fix it and it took forever and at last he fixed it. So we kept on sailing.

A Ship On Fire  

When the storm was over we were fine for a few minutes until. We saw a ship. I said. "Thank Goodness we found people!" There ship was big and in Spain the ships were all small and this one was huge. I thought that that ship was sailing for Portugal, but then the ship was on fire and I could not stand this.

I did not want to do this any more. I saw a man or a woman running around like crazy  because he got on fire. We left were that ship was and we kept on sailing to the new world.



Thursday, December 11, 2014

Oh no! Weevils!

August 1, 1495 5:25 pm

Dear mates,
In Spain

 Hello I am Aleysha the helmsman. Today I was at Spain. I was checking the food and the wheel to see if it was ready to go. Everybody was ready to go. I said good-bye to my mom, daughter, and son and I hugged them all with all my might. Cause we were about to leave to the new world that Christoper Columbus found. While I walked away slowly hoping that my family was going to be safe and try not to get into trouble. I climbed on the boat and waved good-bye one last time.

On the Titanic

  I was with Jenny the ship surgeon, Ali the interpreter and, Adisa the navigator. I started the wheel and, the people faded and faded until I could not see them, anymore. I looked straight and the navigator Adisa told my to move straight and turn and all that. It was been hours that I was sailing to the new world. So I kept on going and going my arms were tired but I kept on going until.

Hungry For Fish!

 It was 8:33 and we were starving. I saw fish in the water and, everybody started screaming for fish. The captain told Ali the interpreter to get fish to eat for dinner. Jenny was saying that we have food to eat as well so we wouldn't have to waste all the time to catch fish. Everybody wanted to have fish for dinner anyway. While Ali was trying to get fish for dinner Adisa, was telling me to move to try to get close to the fish. I stopped the ship close to the fish. Ali tried to get the fish while Jenny was standing close to him so he wouldn't fall and hurt himself. If that happened Jenny would go and get him and fix him up. We took a break and sadly ate cold, salty, uncooked fish which was gross.


While we were done eating our fish we went bake to our duty. After a couple of minutes I was still sailing while Adisa was navigating me to the new world. Jenny came running in and yelling about that the biscuits were full of weevils! We all stopped on what we were doing and, went downstairs to check it out. When we were there. I got biscuit and looked at it and it was full with hols and I opened it and, the weevils were there I threw it on the floor and I squished the weevils. So we just left them there and went bake to our work. So I Sailed the ship off to the new world.