Sunday, January 11, 2015

Native's, Gold, Home

January 2, 1496 11:15 am

Dear friends,

Fruits and berries

 After I found land we all put the ship somewhere and. the captain went down first and, then the rest of us went down the ship. We looked around there was berry bushes, and the trees had fruit yummy fruit. Ali kissed the land so did the captain. We climbed up the trees got some of the fruits.

 We got the berries from the bushes and, the captain said to go put all the fruit and berries on the ship. So we went to put all the fruits and the berries on the ship and came back to the land. We looked and explored all around the area were the ship was because if we went to far from the ship I bet we would get lost on the land.

 Native Americans

 While we were exploring together we weren't noticing that there were people that were called Native Americans. All of a sudden the Natives jumped out of there hiding places and looked at us and we were all scared. The Natives had bows and there clothing were all made out of animal skin and some of them had paint on there faces. 

 I was wondering what it would be if you were a Native American. There came closer to us and they started talking in a different language that we did not know, but Ali did know since he is a interpreter. The crew started talking to each other and we all agreed to talk to the them. So Ali started to talk to them and they talked back to him. Ali said.

Decision Time

 "I said to them that we came here to get some of the goods like gold and more valuable stuff." So did they say they know a place were there are goods and all that. I said. Then Ali said. "They know a place were there are goods and it is at the far east and, they said if we want to trade with them, or do you guys want to leave this place if you think that we are going to die." Me and Jenny wanted to leave because we both thought that we were going to get lost or die.

  Adisa said that she wanted to trade with them because she thought that they were going to give them some good stuff. Ali said that he would want to go to go get the goods that are at the east. We argued until we all said that we were going to trade goods to the Natives. So Ali said that to them and the Native gave us hamaks, parotts, and gold nuggets. Gold nuggets were still pretty good anyways.


Then the captain said that he wanted to go get some gold from the east and Ali said that. We would like to go to get gold from the east. The native told us were to go then we left to the east. We walked a long long long time until we got there and we looked and searched all around there until there was nothing and we all thought for a moment that we were lied by the natives. So we turned around and walked again for a long long long time.

 Going Home  

We then said to the Natives if they would like to go to our world to know how it was like living there. So we took two of then. After we were far from the land we said to them that they were going to start working. So they started to work. It has been nine weeks at sea and we were almost home while we were going home Jenny and Ali had typhus and we were of course again. 

Then we were fighting and fighting and Ali saved the day again. Than it has been days that we were at sea until. We all so something and we all thought again that it was home so we got closer and closer and we at last found home. We settled somewhere and got off the ship and I was looking for my family and I found them and hugged them all tight. So we left home and ate good at last.  

Thursday, January 8, 2015

I See Something

 January 1, 1496 10:59 pm

Dear mates,

A Good Day

 I was steering the wheel and it was night time and, it was time to check the food and the navigation we went to check the food. The food was okay and the navigation was okay as well. The crew was walking and doing things that they need to do. Me steering the wheel and the navigator Adisa was telling me were to go. I was really really tired of steering the wheel.


 It was another day and I was steering the boat. Adisa was navigating me. It has been hours that I have been  steering. "STOP!"Then I herd more yelling and more and more yelling. Me and Adisa were curious to know what was going on. So we turned around and went into the meeting room. I opened the door. I was saying. "What was happening." They were all talking at the same and the captain came in and said "What was going on!"

 Then Jenny said that. "It was because we were of course and that the ship was going the wrong way." I said that. How were we of course." Jenny said. Because we just found out that after the storm, we were going south instead of going east.  Ali the interpreter said Everybody calm down we all know that we are a long way to the east but, let's just figure out with the map and see were is east and we will be there in no time."

 Everybody agreed. So it took some minutes for Ali to find were is east. Until he found it and we were saved by Ali.

I See Something

 It has been a month since we were going east well. Ali was right that we were't a long way from east. and it has been hours that we don't have see any land. Until I see a bird that is flying in the sky we all go to the meeting room and say that we all think it is land. So we go back to work and we can't wait to see land if it is land.

 I see something I saw some berries and leaves and something started to look  then it got more huge and more huge and more huge! I thought for a moment and I start screaming out loud that I found land!